>   Talk to the financial aid experts...
Families with incomes of up to $100,000 may be eligible
for college financial aid. Our clients have received as much as
$40,000 per year in grants- money that does not have to be
what we do
>   We provide free, no obligation consultations...
Our office locations are conveniently located with in home
appointments available as well.
>   We file all forms and applications necessary to receive aid...
All forms are filled out and filed on time- approximately fifteen
in number per student. New forms must be filed annually,
and over 90% of our clients renew our service each year.
>   We sign all forms as "Preparer."
Many services refuse to do this and will not stand behind
their work. We have been doing so since 1984.
>   We file appeals...
We will file an appeal with any college selected if they do not
offer the proper amount of financial aid.
>   We are Professional Financial Planners...
Licensed with New York State, we will review your assets
to get you maximum financial aid.
>   We are available year round to answer your questions.
someone going to college?
"It's never too early
to begin
the financial aid process!"
...Check out our news page to see Mr. Meyer interviewed on News 12......
Contact us today to see if you are eligible for financial aid!
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