services we provide
>  The forms we complete and services we provide annually for
the average client:
  CSS Profile application on line...
Secures free grants at private colleges.
>   Individual college forms...
Required by most colleges. Maximum of four per client.
>   FAFSA form after January 1st...
Federal form required by ALL colleges.
>   Federal student aid report...
Completed, then corrected after the filing of tax returns.
>   New York State TAP application...
Completed, then corrected after the filing of  tax returns.
>   Submission of signed tax returns to colleges...
Verification worksheets completed
>   Loan applications and promissory notes...
Both Stafford and Perkins loans.
>   Non Custodial form...
For those whose parents are separated or divorced.
>   Appeals...
Should aid be less than the difference between the expected
family contribution and the cost of the college.
"The first form
is filled out
in September
of the senior year!"
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